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JavaScript Client Library

Created September 9, 2016

The JavaScript client-side library defines classes that can be (de)serialized to/from JSON. This is useful for accessing the resources that are published by this application, but only those that produce a JSON representation of their resources (content type "application/json").

The library uses ES6 class syntax which has limited support. See MDN and the ES6 Compatibility Table for more details.

The library contains a UMD loader which supports AMD, CommonJS and browser globals. You can define the browser global variable name the library is exposed as, or use the default javascriptClient.

JavaScript Browser Global Configuration Example
    <javascript-client slug="myslug"/>
JavaScript Example
//read the resource in JSON:
var json = JSON.parse(jsonString);

//create an object
var object = new Object(json);

//retreive the json again
var newJson = object.toJSON();

//serialize the json
var newJsonString = JSON.stringify(newJson);

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